Our Foundations… Really? (Part 19)

May 21, 2017

sermon date 05-21-2017
speaker Pastor Cliff Allcorn


Biblical Reference:

These are the clans of the sons of Noah, according to their genealogies, in their nations, and from these the nations spread abroad on the earth after the flood.

Gen 10:32, ESV

Cross References:

(in order of mention from sermon)

Romans 1:18-21, 6:17-18
Matthew 5:44-45
Numbers 14:17-19
Matthew 10:34-37

Last Time We Learned…

  • That God does not think of nations the way that we do.
  • That understanding sin and cursing leads to giving more glory to Christ.
  • That faulty human presuppositions can completely alter the meaning of words.

Things to Learn About My Own Walk with God this Week…

  • That God’s sovereign plan is shown in Japheth’s sons’ mention in prophecy.
  • That even God’s enemies exist under God’s sovereign hand?
  • That God allowed a line of close relations that contains some who were not faithful

Important Quote:

The whole counsel of God concerning all things necessary for His own Glory, man’s salvation, faith, and life, is either expressly set down in Scripture, or by good and necessary consequence may be deduced from Scripture: unto which nothing at any time is to be added …” 1

1 Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter I, Article VI (Emphasis Mine)